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NYS cancels the Advantage Program

why is it that we always hear how hard the cancelling of advantage will be on the families and the tenants. What about the landlord that will not be collecting rent on friday and will most likely be forced to spend more money on eviction. so the budget gets cut by having hardworking landlords and homeowners pick up the tab for the shelters. stay tuned to see how we plan on fighting this issue.


some answers about the recent decision to close the advantage program.


keep checking back for more info.

advantage program closed


March 23, 2011



Dear Landlords:

The State's Executive Budget proposal eliminates funding for the Advantage program. Further, both the New York State Assembly and the State Senate have developed their own budget proposals and neither body has included funding for Advantage in its plan. Without State funds and the federal share which the State controls, New York City must terminate the program effective immediately. You will not receive the subsidized portion of the rent for Advantage tenants on April 1, 2011. There will be no future rental payments made on behalf of Advantage tenants; the tenants are now responsible for the full rent amount and are being informed of that fact with this notification to you.

The Advantage program was-developed by the New York City Department-of Homeless Services arid the Human Resources Administration in March 2007 in consultation with New York State to provide a rental subsidy to homeless families and single adults. The program was based on existing successful public policies which emphasize employment and self-sufficiency for the City'S most vulnerable individuals and families. From inception, the program design required and included city, state and federal cost sharing. Advantage was always contingent on state and federal funding. In May 2010, the State reaffirmed its commitment to the program by collaborating with us on enhancements to Advantage, and only six months ago, in September 2010, we launched the revised program.

. We continue to urge Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders to restore Advantage in the final budget. With your support, Advantage has successfully moved over 20,000 families from shelter into apartments in the community and over 90 percent of families who have received the two-year subsidy have remained in the community. Ending this program will be devastating to families presently hoping to leave shelter with the subsidy, current Advantage tenants who are working hard to achieve self-sufficiency, and property owners and managers who will suffer financial burdens as a result of this short-sighted decision.

We ask that you to contact Governor Cuomo and State legislators immediately to let them know how you will be affected by the elimination of Advantage and to request that funding for the program be restored to the State budget. Please contact us at 212-607-6200 with any questions.


Seth Diamond  

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What is Rotary?

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